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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2005|09:03 pm]
pictures of annie
new website!


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finally! there is no snow on the ground. [Mar. 20th, 2005|05:47 pm]
pictures of annie
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |none. in the mac lab w/ justin]

i guess it's that time of year again. when poa thinks about touring in late summer. east coast only this time guys since we missed it last year. so if anyone wants to think of places and people and bands on the east coast that would be sweet!! :)

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happy st. patrick's day!!! [Mar. 17th, 2005|01:47 am]
pictures of annie
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |aqua teen hunger force dvd in the living room]

i just realized how long it has been since a poa lj update. so i thought i'd say hello. hope everyones' semesters are going well and whatnot. there is an AWESOME poa site on the way up, the best yet! BE READY.

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a new site, a new site, a site that is new! [Dec. 21st, 2004|08:30 pm]
pictures of annie
new site, guys.


ya like?

ok, bye.
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show time in 3 2 1 days........ [Dec. 14th, 2004|06:25 pm]
pictures of annie
hi hi hi...

just a time/directions update and reminder:

friday, december 17
pictures of annie w/ same day delivery, coming from may
internet cafe in canton, mi
@ 7pm.

come out and celebrate the xmas season with a little poa;)

and after the new year we have 2 shows for january in hillsdale and grosse point park up on the website.

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show show show! [Dec. 1st, 2004|05:54 pm]
pictures of annie
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |no doubt - you're so foxy (live)]

friday, december 17
internet cafe
canton, mi
same day delivery + lisboa

direction and times to come...

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geez louise, i mean today now! [Nov. 30th, 2004|05:59 pm]
pictures of annie
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |gwen - bubble pop electric...]

hellllooo! i *finally* added the shelter show pics to the site under 'images'. there's pics in there of bryan and vanessa too. (read: pics of the drummer/sampler-ist and flutist from the shelter show) thanks again jennie_jen_jen for the pics! there is also a new poa site on the way so say goodbye to the goldfish...

don't forget about how perfect poa cds are as xmas gifts! ;)

until next time..

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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2004|04:21 pm]
pictures of annie
just a note to say that we're alive...and very busy at school.

and to remind you, if you haven't purchaced your copy of these are the sounds of my mistakes...maybe you should do that...? yeah.

the biggest shopping day of the year is coming soon...so make sure your mom knows she can get you the new poa ep at picturesofannie.com AND NOT EVEN LEAVE THE HOUSE! (and we'll make sure it comes in time for christmas ;))

more incentive....umm...ALL XMAS TIME ORDERS GET A FREE....umm...copy of bryan debus's remix of "sometimes i wish i would break" from our new ep.

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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2004|02:48 am]
pictures of annie
new enter pic on the website. you know where to find it!

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diligently doubtful [Sep. 16th, 2004|06:59 pm]
pictures of annie
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |no doubt - artificial sweetner]

thank you to everyone who came out to the shelter!! it was an awesome show. :) i hope our show tonight goes just as well.

what does everyone think of the new ep???

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