POA, rip (2002-2007)

the era of pictures of annie has come to an end.
not to worry, however! i am now creating music under the new name "running on wires."

listen to all new tracks at myspace.com/runningonwires

i have moved to ventura, CA and am actively in search of EXPERIENCED and SERIOUS musicians. contact me on the running on wires myspace or at runningonwires(at)yahoo(dot)com.

thank you to everyone for your ongoing support over the years - hope to see you on board with running on wires!



pictures of annie
baby house [adrian, MI]
friday, july 28
8pm - [donations accepted]

comment if you're coming. you don't have to, but it'd be nice.

email picturesofannie@yahoo.com if you need directions.

see ya.

do people still read this?

hi. just an update.

with a good portion of it written already, i've officially started work on recording the next pictures of annie cd. i apologize for the delay, life has been pretty crazy. i'm planning on doing a full length again this time. i'm working with a drummer, lee, on 3-4 of the songs so far...all is going well with that. no projection as far as when it will be released...it would be nice if i didn't have to do it on my own this time though...we'll see.

oh, and...just to be semi-official and clear things up, the pictures of annie line-up has underwent a modification to include only myself, sorry. new members coming soon? we'll see.

ok, that's it for now. bye.

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my art show. my art for sale. open february 14-19 @ siena heights university.

functional pottery [decorative bowls vases]
graphic design [poa posters poa t-shirts]
if you are interested in purchasing shirt(s) you must come to the closing reception on sunday.
sizes [youth M - adult XL] assorted colors. you must attend to see the design!
(but they will be available online shortly, to those not in the area.)

questions? call me or leave me a message.

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i promise, this time. they will be available in advance to people who come to my art show at siena
(starting feb 14) and then online some time after.

new songs are taking longer than i thought...a not-so-cheap piece of my recording equipment broke, soooo...BUY SHIRTS TO FUND A REPLACEMENT!

that's it.

[shameless] self-promotion

it's that time of year again,
and what better present than a POA compact disc for that special person?
order soon to recieve your merchandise before the holidays!

new song coming soon!
new (full-length) album eventually
(but we need your support, so purchase our cd(s) if you haven't yet!)

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if anyone is still out there...

going into the studio tonight with my friend lee, a drummer, thanks to danny AND ALEX, my music major friends.

recording what is projected to be the title track for the next pictures of annie album.

dunno when the song will be finished, but there's a good chance it will be posted online.


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just a note to say, "we're alive."

so...first off, sorry for the lack of shows, updates, new music, etc.
just wanted to let everyone know we're still here, just busy.

i'm slowly writing and demo-ing some new songs in my small amount of free time as i prepare to graduate...
i'll have a lot more time to focus on our next album after my art show in february.
between now and then i'll try and keep my promise to post a demo or two...maybe even a studio song...if my music major friends come through.

so, how have you guys been?